Why it’s Best to Work from the Ground Up in Your Career

Why it’s Best to Work from the Ground Up in Your Career

Some people are under the impression that they should be granted a managerial position straight out of college and are quite disappointed and frustrated when they end up with a ground floor position. Some people may feel entitled to a higher-ranking position because they feel as though they are qualified for it due to their education. However, what education doesn’t prepare you for is the real-life experience necessary to perform in a high-level position.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that beginning your career in a managerial position may actually cause you more harm than good. If you are granted a high-ranking position without the necessary qualifications, you may end up sabotaging your career and your success.

Each year, countless college graduates are disappointed and outraged that they can only find positions that they feel over-qualified for. However, they may be failing to see the true benefits in beginning their career on the ground level and how they may actually be better off in the long run.

Here are a few ways that beginning at the beginning can make you a better manager and benefit your career’s success and longevity.

  1. You’ll learn all the ropes. When you start out your career on the ground floor, you have the opportunity to learn the ins and out of all aspects of the job. The trouble with walking into a new business and taking a position as a manager is that you don’t understand the logistics of the organization. You may understand the general nature of the company and what you need to do, but if you haven’t been a part of it, it is very difficult to have a genuine understanding of the inner workings of the company.
  2. You’ll get a big slice of humble pie. Have you ever worked for a boss who talked to you as though they’re more important than you? Someone who talks down to you or can’t seem to understand what it’s like to be in your position? When you begin your career on the bottom rung, you will be able to communicate with you team much more effectively and compassionately when you reach a management position.
  3. You’ll make A LOT of contacts. Working your way up the corporate ladder allows you to make contacts every step along the way. You can never have enough contacts in your network, especially when you are looking to advance in your career.
  4. You’ll learn things you otherwise wouldn’t. Have you ever had a manager who seemed a bit clueless when it comes to aspects of the company or business other than their specific duties? When you begin on the ground floor, you will master essentially all of the skills across the board. This includes seemingly menial skills that will surely come in handy throughout your entire career.
  5. You’ll create opportunities. Moving through different positions, meeting different people, and learning new skills will open a vast amount of opportunities for you.
  6. You’ll reinforce your career goals. One of the greatest parts of beginning at the beginning is that you will have the opportunity to see if this is truly the career for you. Once you jump in and get your hands dirty, it will either reignite your passion, or it will bring to light the fact that it may not be the right choice for you. Then you can either decide to get in or get out before you completely submerge yourself in the field.
  7. You can learn from those above you. Starting out on the ground level gives you the perfect opportunity to learn from different leaders who are above you. Chances are, there will be a few of them and you can learn from what you love about them and from what you don’t like so much. This is when you will begin to mold yourself into a leader, yourself. You will become inspired by those who have led you and you will use that to become your own version of an inspirational, knowledgeable, talented leader.
  8. You’ll make mistakes before they count. Making mistakes is inevitable, and it is best to make them when you are young in your career before the results can damage your success and your reputation.
  9. You’ll gain confidence. While starting your career in a managerial position can be great, it can also be terrifying. If you begin your career in a leadership position when you are not qualified or knowledgeable enough and that causes you to fail, it can be very difficult to recover and gain the confidence to get back into the career world. However, if you work your way up, you will steadily gain confidence by gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to perform in the industry and you’ll be qualified before you know it.
  10. You’ll be a better manager. Working your way up in the industry gives you the tools to be a better manager, overall. You will be more knowledgeable, more confident, more humble and more respected in your industry. Put in the time and you will reap the benefits.

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Important Leadership Lessons for Everyone in Business

Whether you are a prospective business owner, you’re already running your own business or you’re just starting out, leadership lessons are never wasted. Leadership tips can be applied to anyone, in any position in any line of business.

For a successfully functioning business, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Never stop developing yourself. It’s important for each of us to realize that as people, leaders and business owners, we can always seek to improve ourselves. Unfortunately, some people get caught up in early success and stop working on themselves. We can always be better. 


  1. Always take ownership. If you screw up, own it. We all do it! The best of us will own up to it, fix the situation and learn from it. In leadership, we must even take ownership when our team makes mistakes. With leadership comes responsibility. 
  1. Don’t take things too personally. With responsibility comes criticism. Criticism will come from all directions and you must develop a thick skin. Don’t allow the opinions of others to knock you down. Of course, you should consider criticisms to see if they are valid and consider if you need to make adjustments. However, you can’t take things too personally when others criticize you or tell you “no” on your leadership journey. It is going to happen. 
  1. Learn to listen to others. It’s crucial to listen to the input of others. You can’t do everything yourself and you don’t have all of the best answers. Listen to others’ ideas. It can be tough to give up control sometimes, but you’ll never get anywhere trying to do everything on your own. 
  1. Be resilient. You can’t give up easily in this industry. Things will go well, and things will go wrong. Sometimes things will go very wrong. You need to be able to pick yourself up and motivate yourself to keep going. You can’t throw in the towel when you hit a bump in the road. 
  1. You can’t control everything. The sooner you learn this, the sooner you can let go and move on. It’s hard to be an owner and not want to control of every aspect of your business. However, being a perfectionist only causes you to get hung up on every little thing and slows down the process. You need to learn to delegate and stop sweating the small stuff. 
  1. Lead by example. Be the embodiment of what you want your company to represent. You can preach all day long, but if you’re not backing up your actions, nobody is going to respect you as a leader. 
  1. Take calculated risks. Playing it safe is no way to get ahead in business. You have to step outside of your comfort zone if you want to become successful. At the same time, you can’t just jump at any chance that may or may not pan out, or you’ll find yourself in a world of crapola. Do your research, weigh out the pros and cons, and make sure you can handle whatever the outcome may be. 
  1. Take care of your customers. As a business owner, your number one priority is making your business a success. In order to do that, you need to keep your customers happy. Take a genuine interest in your customers. As an owner, you should follow up with your customers and maintain relationships. Make sure they are happy with the service provided and take good care of your relationships with them. 
  1. The same goes for your employees. Your relationship with your team is just as, if not more, important than your relationship with your customers. Keep your team happy by treating them as equals. They are your team, not just people who work for you. They are the people who help make or break your business. They are the people who are looking to build a career under your leadership. Treat them well. Help inspire them to become successful and they will treat you well in return.

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How to Get Energized When You’re Feeling Lazy

No matter who you are, we all have those moments when we just don’t feel like doing a darn thing. Even the most motivated people who seem to have all of the energy in the world and always seem to be doing something productive have a lazy bone in them! Hey- we’re all human!

There’s nothing wrong with taking some time once in a while to do absolutely nothing but catch up on some TV or catnap. But what happens when the laziness strikes when you have important stuff to do? We’re not talking about those times when you just need a small kick in the pants to get going. We’re talking about those can’t get off your butt, can’t think straight, can barely focus, on the verge of burning out-type of lazy days.

Those are the days when you need to break into your bag of tricks and employ multiple strategies in order to get your butt in gear. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for those especially lazy days.


  1. Make a list. When you’re already feeling unmotivated, it’s even harder to get going when you feel overwhelmed with all of the stuff you have to do for the day. Instead of sitting around dreading everything you need to do, grab a notepad and write everything down. Write things down in order of importance. Once you have everything on paper, you won’t have everything swimming around in your head, causing more unneeded stress and anxiety. 
  1. Have a cup of tea or coffee. Have a cup of green tea to get boost your focus, energy and enjoy all of its health benefits, as well. Not a fan of tea? A cup of coffee will give you the wake up you need and increase your mental clarity, too. While you’re caffeinating, make a plan for how you’re going to accomplish your to-do list. 
  1. Put on some music. While you’re sippin’ and planning, pop on some music! Good music has a magical way of getting you amped up when you thought there was no way that you could possibly get out of the slump you were in. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for action! 
  1. Get your body moving. Getting your blood pumping is one of the best ways to increase your energy, your focus, find motivation and plain ole’ put you in a great mood! It may sound like crazy advice to get up and exercise when you’re already feeling lazy, but if you can just get yourself to begin, the energy and motivation will kick in right away and last for a long time! 
  1. Tackle one thing at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to take on too much at once. Work on accomplishing one task at a time. Each time you accomplish something, you’ll feel more and more accomplished, which will help you to gain more and more momentum. Nothing feels as good as putting a big fat check mark next to the items on your to-do list. 
  1. Just do it! You’ve got to just force yourself to get up and get to it! Most people think that motivation always comes before the action. However, sometimes we have to get started first, and then the motivation follows. Getting started is often the hardest part. It’s all downhill after that. 
  1. Reward yourself. Give yourself something to look forward to when you finish. Sometimes, all we need is a little treat to get through the tough days. Don’t give in to yourself until you finish, though!

In an industry where we pride ourselves on being super-motivated, it’s pretty uncommon to find ourselves feeling lazy and unproductive. However, there are all kinds of circumstances that can contribute to any one of us falling in to the trap of laziness. As long as we all have some tips and tricks up our sleeves, we’ll be back to kicking butt in no time!

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How To Begin Your Mornings for Optimal Productivity

It is said that how you spend your first waking hour will dictate how you feel and how you will spend the rest of your day- and that’s true! If you begin your day by dragging your feet and bumming around, chances are your day isn’t going to be much different. However, if you begin your day with gusto straight out of the gate, you will feel great, accomplish more, and keep that momentum throughout the remainder of your day!

Creating a productive and successful life is all about routine and habit. Those super-productive people that seem to have it all together aren’t born that way. There aren’t categories of people who are destined to be high achievers or doomed to be slackers. Anyone can become a goal-crushing embodiment of productivity!

All you need to do is set some habits in motion. It all begins with how you spend the very first hour of each day. Think about how you feel when you get a great night’s sleep, start your day off on a positive note and begin kicking ass as soon as you put your feet on the floor in the morning. You’re going to have an amazing day! You’re going to get. stuff. done! 


Work toward getting into a structured routine in order to boost your daily productivity and streamline your journey to success! Try integrating some or all of these elements into your morning routine, depending on how much time you have.

  1. Stop Snoozing! Those nine minutes may seem like a sweet, sweet escape back to the magical land of slumber in the early morning hours, but you know they do absolutely nothing to help you feel more recharged and only cut into your valuable morning time. Get out of the habit of hitting that snooze button! If you just can’t seem to break the habit, place your phone or alarm clock across the room, so you need to physically get up in order to turn it off. No use going back to bed now!
  1. Get your blood flowing. Not everybody has time to exercise in the morning, and not everybody likes to exercise in the morning. However, you should get your body in motion someway- even if it’s just for ten minutes. Whether you want to go for a full workout at the gym, go for a morning run, or do some light stretching or morning yoga, get your blood flowing and stretch your muscles out. Moving your body in the morning will work out the kinks, increase blood flow to the brain, put you in a GREAT mood for the day, and increase confidence and focus!
  1. Get cleaned up. When you look your best, you feel your best. Get showered, cleaned up and get dressed to impress!
  1. Eat something! Don’t try to get through your morning on just a cup of coffee. Don’t choke down a greasy sausage and egg sandwich on the way to the office everyday, either. Try to set aside some time to eat a healthy, satisfying breakfast every morning. Make it something that you enjoy and something that will fill you up, nourish your body and help you to perform at your best!
  1. Make a plan. Make a game plan for the rest of your day. What would you like to accomplish? Which things are a priority? Keep it short and sweet. Don’t sell yourself short, but be realistic at the same time.
  1. Get pumped up! Grab your cup of coffee, hop in your car, turn up your favorite jams and get ready to kick some serious butt for the day!

The first waking hour is absolutely crucial for productivity. Obviously, some of these things may take more than an hour, and you won’t always have time to incorporate everything into each morning. Maybe you’d like to add some habits of your own or replace a few that would work better for you. Just make sure you begin each morning on a positive note and force yourself to get excited about the day. Before you know it, it will happen naturally!

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How Successful People Spend Their Sundays

It’s no surprise that most people hate Mondays. But, most people’s disdain for Mondays begins to creep on into their weekend and puts a serious damper on their Sundays. Don’t let yourself fall victim to the Sunday night blues. Take some tips from the people who have figured out how to keep the Sunday night sadness at bay. Here’s how the most successful people spend their Sundays in order to fully recharge and get the most out of the week ahead.

1. They make time for family. Sundays are the perfect day to catch up with loved ones. Weekdays are typically jam packed with work, meetings and other obligations, so slow Sundays are the perfect opportunity to make time for friends and family.Zemith Acquisitions-promo2

2. They schedule time for fun activities. What’s a better way to ward off the Sunday night blues than to schedule something fun for the weekend? Having something to look forward to each Sunday will help to combat that feeling of dread- that feeling that your weekend is coming to a close.

3. They don’t ditch their diets. For a lot of people, the weekend is the perfect excuse to let loose, throw caution to the wind, and forget all about eating healthy. While you can’t be perfect all of the time, completely abandoning your diet all weekend is likely to result in feelings of regret and bloat, rather than comfort or happiness.

4. They don’t ditch their exercise regime either. Again, sometimes you just need a break from your daily structure, but don’t use your weekends as an excuse to turn into a lump on a log. Exercise is a great way to de-stress and unwind after a long week. Don’t slack on your self-care over the weekends!

5. They make a plan. Taking a few moments to plan for the week ahead can ease any anxieties you have about work and allow you to enjoy the remainder of the weekend. If you set aside 20-30 minutes on Sunday morning to check emails and make a quick plan for the week, you no longer have to stress about it for the rest of the day. Now, you’re free to do as you please for the remainder of your weekend!

6. They look forward to the week ahead. The most successful people put a positive spin on life. Instead of dreading the week ahead and thinking, “Oh crap, tomorrow’s Monday!”, they get psyched for the week ahead! They think of everything they’re going to accomplish and get ready to dominate all of the goals they have set for themselves!

7. They chillax. Successful people take advantage of the peace and quiet that is a Sunday night and enjoy their time unwinding. They catch up on their reading, meditate, or take a hot bath. Instead of ruining their night, counting down the last few moments before the dreaded Monday comes, they drift off to sleep with a smile on their face thinking, “Watch out Monday, I’m coming for you…”

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