How To Begin Your Mornings for Optimal Productivity

It is said that how you spend your first waking hour will dictate how you feel and how you will spend the rest of your day- and that’s true! If you begin your day by dragging your feet and bumming around, chances are your day isn’t going to be much different. However, if you begin your day with gusto straight out of the gate, you will feel great, accomplish more, and keep that momentum throughout the remainder of your day!

Creating a productive and successful life is all about routine and habit. Those super-productive people that seem to have it all together aren’t born that way. There aren’t categories of people who are destined to be high achievers or doomed to be slackers. Anyone can become a goal-crushing embodiment of productivity!

All you need to do is set some habits in motion. It all begins with how you spend the very first hour of each day. Think about how you feel when you get a great night’s sleep, start your day off on a positive note and begin kicking ass as soon as you put your feet on the floor in the morning. You’re going to have an amazing day! You’re going to get. stuff. done! 


Work toward getting into a structured routine in order to boost your daily productivity and streamline your journey to success! Try integrating some or all of these elements into your morning routine, depending on how much time you have.

  1. Stop Snoozing! Those nine minutes may seem like a sweet, sweet escape back to the magical land of slumber in the early morning hours, but you know they do absolutely nothing to help you feel more recharged and only cut into your valuable morning time. Get out of the habit of hitting that snooze button! If you just can’t seem to break the habit, place your phone or alarm clock across the room, so you need to physically get up in order to turn it off. No use going back to bed now!
  1. Get your blood flowing. Not everybody has time to exercise in the morning, and not everybody likes to exercise in the morning. However, you should get your body in motion someway- even if it’s just for ten minutes. Whether you want to go for a full workout at the gym, go for a morning run, or do some light stretching or morning yoga, get your blood flowing and stretch your muscles out. Moving your body in the morning will work out the kinks, increase blood flow to the brain, put you in a GREAT mood for the day, and increase confidence and focus!
  1. Get cleaned up. When you look your best, you feel your best. Get showered, cleaned up and get dressed to impress!
  1. Eat something! Don’t try to get through your morning on just a cup of coffee. Don’t choke down a greasy sausage and egg sandwich on the way to the office everyday, either. Try to set aside some time to eat a healthy, satisfying breakfast every morning. Make it something that you enjoy and something that will fill you up, nourish your body and help you to perform at your best!
  1. Make a plan. Make a game plan for the rest of your day. What would you like to accomplish? Which things are a priority? Keep it short and sweet. Don’t sell yourself short, but be realistic at the same time.
  1. Get pumped up! Grab your cup of coffee, hop in your car, turn up your favorite jams and get ready to kick some serious butt for the day!

The first waking hour is absolutely crucial for productivity. Obviously, some of these things may take more than an hour, and you won’t always have time to incorporate everything into each morning. Maybe you’d like to add some habits of your own or replace a few that would work better for you. Just make sure you begin each morning on a positive note and force yourself to get excited about the day. Before you know it, it will happen naturally!

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