Zenith Acquisitions opened its doors in September in Seattle, Washington with a small group of dedicated, entrepreneurial minded employees.  We currently represent one of the largest Fortune 500 telecommunications companies in the United States.  We plan to grow our book of business and our number of clients by adhering to our simple core values of gritty work ethic, old fashioned integrity, and having a family like, team environment for our employees that allows them to grow and reveal their inner magnificence as they do so.  We believe in the work hard play hard mentality and we feel like the workplace should be somewhere our employees are excited to come to every morning.   This positive feeling leads to an incredibly motivated and driven team that does work that astonishes our clients every day.

Zenith Acquisitions was brought to the Seattle area due to the high demand from the client.  They are currently looking to exceed monthly targets and by having us, the face of their business, they are able to do just that.  We solve problems for our clients and continuously exceed targets and they want more.  Quickly, we are becoming the premier sales and marketing channels for several companies.  Our methods are proven again and again, year after year.

Since our inception, we have hit the ground running.  We are unique in the fact that we no longer do direct mailing, or cold calling.  Our team offers a smile and a hand-shake that delivers results with integrity.  For our clients we guarantee a 100% return on their investment through professional cost effective representation and customer acquisition. We make that same guarantee for our employees.


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